Best Zeolite

Posted by Karren Fleming on 08:49 PM, 09-Mar-14


Clinoptilolite is the best zeolite discovered and one of the best allies of human organs in their continuous struggle against toxins, heavy elements and chemical residue.

But…what are these zeolites and what makes them so special? After a volcanic eruption ashes may reach salt lake water creating a lair of material with unique molecular structure. Zeolites’ molecular structure looks like a honeycomb which allows them to act like a vacuum cleaner .The natural ionic charge of this mineral is negative. This allows them to collect within their molecular structure all harmful materials assimilated by the human body. Almost 50 types of zeolites can be found in nature but only Clinoptilolite proved to be 100% safe for metabolism. Zeolites (under the shape of a fine powder) are administrated in animal food, agriculture, air and water decontamination. The atmosphere and soil are contaminated by radio active elements, heavy metals and toxins, especially after large industrial incidents or military research. By using the zeolites people managed to cleanse the environment after Chernobyl explosion.

After being consumed, the zeolite travels through blood reaching the internal organs. It attracts and stores the malicious elements inside its molecular hollows. Once the zeolites are eliminated through sweat and urine, the unwanted dangerous material is also driven away. Hepatic membrane regeneration, colon cleanse, epidermal reconstruction, these are only a few of the positive effects of zeolite administration.

Therapeutic properties of mineral zeolites have been discovered and used a long time ago in Chinese, Indian and Russian naturist medicine.

Used for organism detoxification or large scale decontamination, the Clinoptilolite is a good option to maintain health and environmental purity.